Producers and users of professional and hobby high pressure cleaners use on the lance nozzles for high pressure HP and HHP (High – Pressure).

Available in all ranges required by the market, HP / HHP nozzle is coated with a special compound that provides long lasting. Internal tests that are carried out regularly ensure a lasting and thus the maintenance of the initial rate at a pressure of 200 bar for a longer period of 200 hours (water hardness and temperature controlled). Its great value for money allows us to consider the HP-HHP nozzle as “high-pressure nozzle leader of the market “.

On Professional cleaners machines, to protect the high-pressure pump, are mounted our static filters in aluminum available as indicated in our catalog in the section of filters.
There are many manufacturers of high pressure cleaners that use our high pressure nozzles as there are many retailers of spare parts and maintenance of these machines often hijack the end user’s choice to our nozzles HP-HHP for reasons of good value for money.

Nozzles Series HP-HHP with flat jet are used by some manufacturers of motorized rotating heads for reasons of quality spray, impact and duration.

Traditional flat spray nozzles are used in various industry applications such as:

– in the realization of mouth carpet clearing, used by major world manufactures.

– in alternating spray of steam / water from washing brushes for carpets. Although the cost for this industry is extremely high, the customer considers an advantage not replace the nozzle on the mouth according if spray steam or water. So we have found the correct solution with the customer.

– in machines wash-pieces rotary of small dimensions, for mechanical parts. There are now many applications (with specific nozzles) in this area.

– humidification with the aim to create dust during clearing surface.

To note that it is possible to have nozzles at drawing based on specific needs.


The manufacturers of pumps and / or high pressure systems use our static filters (for wide range plants it is possible use self-cleaning filters with proper precautions) to preserve the piston pumps from the entrance of sand or debris.

The smaller filters can also be used to protect high pressure cleaners dedicate to particular jobs or that need to use water not particularly clean.

This significantly raises the lives of these machines while maintaining their performance over time.