These fully automatic filters, of high quality and accurate design, meet the rigorous standards and requirements of each industrial sector by separating suspended solid particles from the water or liquids to be filtered, the accumulation of which could compromise plant productivity.

Euspray offers different models of filtration systems depending on the required flow rate and filtration. They can be installed on incoming water from wells, springs, and rivers, as on process and wastewater to improve its quality.


The liquid to be filtered passes through a stainless-steel filter cartridge depositing the solid suspensions on the inner surface of the cartridge itself and coming out with the desired degree of filtration.

The progressive suspended solids deposited in the inner cartridge wall create a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet filter. The pressure gauge detects this pressure difference and transmits the signal to the panel control once the set limit is reached.

At this point, the automatic cleaning cycle of the filter cartridge starts. The shape of the filter cartridges facilitates the passage of only particles smaller than the chosen degree of filtration and the consequent ease of removal of those retained.

The gear motor, driven by the control unit, rotates shaft scraping blades that detach the accumulated impurities. The same is available in stainless steel + PTFE or a particular patented system, suitable for removing difficult-to-remove fibers from the filter surface.

All dirt is eliminated, by opening a stainless-steel drain valve, with the fully pneumatically controlled passage, at the bottom of the filter. The control panel that governs all filter cleaning operations can also adapt to different voltages. It is configurated, for a fully automatic cycle, that operates based on the user’s settings (operating times, pause times, pressure level on the differential gauge).
If it is desired to interface the filter with the general plant controls, its commands, can be controlled remotely according to the customer’s needs.

Non-standard connections placed on the filter allow manual backwashing of the cartridge at the end of the work.

Exceptional versions with non-standard features are studied. For more information, fill out the data collection form at the bottom of the catalog.