Filtration systems

Euspray filtration systems include static filters and self-cleaning filters

The liquid to filter passes through a filter cartridge, depositing the solid suspensions on the filter inner surface of the cartridge, and comes out with the desired degree of filtration.

The most characteristic aspect of static filters consists in the great efficiency of operation due to the particular relationship between the input surface and the filtering surface. Moreover, thanks to the particular internal structure, the liquid to filter is forced to assume a whirling movement that allows the impurities to be distributed evenly over the entire filter element, bringing the solid particles to the bottom of the sump, thus guaranteeing less maintenance.

The main advantage of self-cleaning filters is that they go automatically, without personnel intervention.

Possible sectors of application: food industry, metallurgical industry, paper mills, artificial snowmaking, textile industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, energy production, mining plants, water purification, etc.

The advantages of filters in plants and companies

  • Continuous operation

    No plant downtimes, which are usually necessary to clean ordinary static filters or backwash the filter itself

  • Low running costs

    • Low electricity consumption,
    • less maintenance costs for parts protected by the filter such as spray nozzles, seals etc.
  • Elimination of impurities

  • Easier maintenance

    • Few components subject to wear,
    • simple disassembly procedure,
    • possibility of scheduling maintenance in collaboration with our company
  • Compact size

    Small size to enable installation on any plant

  • Technical assistance

    Study of customized solutions and servicing

Filter applications

  • Filters for paper mills

    • Filtering of water from flotation units,
    • filtering of coatings,
    • filtering of inlet and discharge coaters,
    • filtering of water from well, rivers.
  • Filters for metallurgical industry

    • Filtering of primary water,
    • filtering of cooling water for continuous casting processes,
    • filtering of recycling water for cutting in rolling mills,
    • filtering of recycling cooling water on aluminium extrusion lines.
  • Filters for machine tools

    Filtering of lubricating-cooling emulsions, which may consequently be recycled.

  • Filters for the production of energy

    Treatment of recycling water to protect heat exchangers against clogging and wear.

  • Filters for mining plants

    Filtering of water used by pumps and disk cutters, for safer use.

  • Filters for artificial snow production

    • Filtering of water from rivers and lakes,
    • filtering of water at pumping stations,
    • final filtering of water directly on the snow makers and guns.
  • Filters for the food industry

    • Filtering of primary and process water,
    • filtering of washing water.
  • Filters for textile industry

    • Filtering of aero textile plant water,
    • filtering of recycling water,
    • filtering of process liquids.
  • Filters for water purification

    Preliminary filtering upstream from wastewater purification plants.

  • Filters for chemical industry

    Filtering of primary and process water.