The spray nozzle transforms the energy of a liquid into kinetic energy. The latter is utilized to break the liquid in little particles and to disperse them evenly according to the desired pattern.

In some cases, the kinetic energy is used to give higher penetration force to the jet. The nozzle also allows to obtain pre-set capacities according to the pressure as indicate in our catalogue “HYDRAULIC NOZZLES” (click here to download).

Through our tables in catalogue is possible to calculate the nozzle pressure and verify which is necessary for each application.

Although the nozzles are small components, they are fundamental to guarantee the correct spray in various industrial sectors: a correct spray improves the work in an efficient way, preventing the need to repeat it.

Our range of products offers three types on spray nozzles:

  • C – FLAT JET






Each type of nozzle guarantees different results in terms of final distribution of the particles on the plane perpendicular to the jet axis (spray pattern) according to the different needs.

In addition to the nozzles on this page, and in order to best meet the needs of our customers, we are available to customize each request.

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