Applications for tank washing heads

Our fixed and rotating washing heads are specifically designed for washing tanks/cisterns and pasteurizers.

The necessity of ensuring the constant quality of the product requires that each phase of production, storing and transport is performed with production systems and tanks always in adequate cleaning conditions. Similarly, the high costs of effluent disposal require washing processes where it is possible to use the minimal water quantity, maintaining at the same time an excellent cleaning level. These two factors have inspired the creation of a wide range of products to satisfy all necessities.

Washing Heads Applications

The use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry requires that the washing heads are made of materials which offer high resistance to corrosion and allow a careful sanitation. Usually, the washing heads are made of austenitic stainless steels (AISI 316L) or plastic materials (teflon).

All our washing heads, fixed and rotating, are available in different connections, threaded, clip or weld, and with different coverage angles.

Possible sectors of application of the washing heads: food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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