NOTES: For applications where there are particular connection needs, dimensions, angles, capacities, and materials not found in the catalog, it is possible to study the most suitable solution for each particular request.

The compressed air nozzles

Compressed air nozzles are special nozzles widely used for many applications such as cleaning, drying, sorting, transportation of parts, removal of dust, creation of air barriers and cooling.

Within its wide range of products, EUSPRAY offers different types of air nozzles, with different materials and application purposes to solve all problems related to high level of noise, energy, and air consumption. EUSPRAY’s air nozzles improve operator safety and achieve more accurate and consistent results in different application processes.

Through these special nozzles, compressed air is used efficiently. All our air nozzles combine optimally high compressed air blowing force with low consumption and low noise level.

EUSPRAY’s compressed air nozzles are made in stainless steel, brass, and plastic of the highest quality. They can be flat-bladed (A41WJ or P1WJY), round-body (P1WJR15Y) or single-body with reduced dimensions and hexagon geometry to make assembly operations easier (SA series).