What do we sanitize?

  • Air disinfection;
  • surface disinfection;
  • disinfection of ventilation ducts.

Portable disinfection systems

Euspray has different portable fogging disinfection systems that guarantees complete disinfection and sterilization of different surfaces and areas. All our portable systems, can be used to disinfect and sanitize public transport, such as trains, planes, buses, airports, stations, schools, offices, etc.



  1. Fast and safe disinfection;
  2. hygienic operation;
  3. automatic system;
  4. portable wheeled system;
  5. more effective than manual cleaning.

Fixed disinfection systems

Euspray also has a fixed misting disinfection system for different areas or spaces, such as large surfaces, hypermarkets, stations, airports, schools, large workspaces in the public or private sector, etc. These fixed disinfection systems, are designed to have little or no maintenance. The installation of such a system offers everyone maximum protection against viruses and diseases in daily lives.



  1. Reduced maintenance;
  2. Disinfection of surfaces and areas without wetting them;
  3. Fully automated;
  4. A customized system adapted to specific needs.

Disinfection accesories

  • Ultrasonic atomizer;
  • Pneumatic atomizer;
  • Hydraulic atomizers;
  • Hydraulic nozzles (Flat Jet)