EUSPRAY Hydraulic Atomizers

Within our wide range of products, you can find pneumatic, hydraulic and ultrasonic atomizers (click here to download the dedicated catalogue).

In this section is possible to find all the models of our hydraulic atomizers. The models are: CX-MX, MZ-FZ, MN, A.

The hydraulic atomizers allow to spray the liquid in an extremely fine way, using only the hydraulic pressure and obtaining an half-full cone.

They have different fields of application, such as for example dust control, air and gas washing, deodorization, humidification, snowmaking, external cooling.

Droplet size (atomization)

The major factors affecting droplet size are the capacity, the pressure and the spray pattern. Usually an increase of the capacity, under the same conditions of pressure, produces larger droplet sizes. The increase of the pressure re-duces the droplet sizes, as well as the increase of the spray angle.
Air atomizing nozzles pro-duce the smallest droplet sizes, full cone nozzles produce the largest droplet sizes. For every spray pattern, the table shows the median droplet sizes relative to the minimum and maximum capacity values, with a pressure of 3 bar.

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