Full cone spray nozzles: general information

The type of spray created by our full cone nozzles is obtained through a specific vortex with a wide passage placed inside the nozzles themselves. This range of nozzles ensures uniform distribution of the drops over the entire covered section.

Our full cone nozzles are made in brass, AISI 303 stainless steel and, on request, in AISI 316 steel, PVC and other materials.

Thread connection (BSPT).


The spray nozzle transforms the energy of a liquid into kinetic energy. The latter is utilized to break the liquid in little particles and to disperse them evenly according to the desired pattern.
The essential elements to classify the type of nozzle are: the flow rate, the type of spray and the spray angle.
The capacity depends on the internal flow area and on the working pressure.

The spray pattern is identified in three different forms:

  • A – Hollow cone spray
  • B – Full cone spray
  • C – Flat jet





In addition to the nozzles on this page, and in order to best meet the needs of our customers, we are available to customize each request.

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