Eusprayis present in paper production sector not only with self clearing filters and nozzles but also with spray showers.

For years in this industry with success and satisfaction of our customers, we have developed a range of products designed to meet the needs of users.

The product range is divided between the production of showers, spray nozzles, oscillators and management oscillation systems.

Our pipes are manufactured in ss303 or ss316 where required.
The size characteristics are time by time studied and agreed with our customers in order to provide a product “specific” and fitted.
Our pipes can be without cleaning system if you use water already treated and filtered appropriately.

If water has some solids there are two possible solutions:

Shower with self clearing nozzles like our model CD6 or model MOMO

Showers with internal manual clearing system
Showers with completely automatically clearing system.

In case of showers with clearing system are used disc nozzles (see catalogue) of different type and materials suitable both for medium-low pressure and medium-high pressure.

In case of washing for high pressure with needle jet nozzles our showers can be equipped with:

  1. Fixed speed (established in about 0,7mm/sec) to have a proper cleaning of the felt
  2. Fixed speed adjustable with a convenient knob on the control panel
  3. Variable speed according to changes in rotational speed of the machine.

Special designs are also possible with carter  for a quick replacement or with fixed flanges and moving to vary the degree of spray impact on the felt.
All  our oscillators are with protection  IP 68 and pressurized so as to prevent any possible infiltration of moisture.

Over the years, these oscillators have reached a high level of quality and reliability.
There are oscillators that are working for several years without ever having needed of any kind of maintenance.

As well as highly reliable are the new management frameworks oscillation resulting from the collaboration with our important customers and partners end from  the natural evolution of previous products.