Our aim is to find solutions for all high pressure process and low pressure applications.

High pressure cleaning machines – HP-HHP nozzles

Professional or hobby high-pressure cleaning machines manufacturers and final users make use of HP – HHP nozzles (High-Pressure).

Available in every model required in the market, HP and HHP nozzles are coated with a unique treatment extremely hard, low coefficient of friction that provides long life and excellent performance.

Inner tests that are carried out regularly guarantee a duration and, therefore, the maintenance of the initial capacity, at a pressure of 200 bars for a period greater than 200 hours (hardness and temperature of water controlled).

Most of our customers used our nozzles for more than 200 hours of our test also at pressure over 200 bar !

Its optimal quality price ratio allow us to consider our HP-HHP nozzle as “an high–pressure nozzle leader on the market”.
HHP nozzle, last born of high pressure series nozzles, presents not only an optimization of the base material-handling, but also a particular geometry that increases the already good performance of the tested HP.

Low pressure nozzles

C1 tip spray nozzle








MC3 flat jet nozzle

These nozzles are mounted on cleaning machines with rotating brushes of small dimensions and for vaporization.







MCP nozzles present a straight jet which is maintained such in comparison of others nozzles of competitors for distances, and often changed from MCP, despite the higher cost.

Of course we can also produce Custom-designed nozzles for low and high-pressure application!




Filters applications

ALSF3 Filter

Filters are used to protect high-pressure units.

ALSF4 Filters

Filters are used on high-pressure cleaning machines to protect the piston pumps from sand and foreign matters.