The nozzles, full cone in polypropylene, are used to spray chemicals into the towers of the product to dry (which is detergent).
It is used because it has good compatibility with the acidity of the product.

The flat spray nozzles are used for washing machine parts used to bagging detergents.



Full cone nozzles are used on washing machines to wash the vials and bottles before placing syrups.

The movement of the machine allows you to place the tube under jet nozzles that wash medium pressure at full cone.

The vials come to pharmaceutical companies still raw, that is, with a protective silicone surfaces before being filled and should be thoroughly washed.

Pneumatic atomizers.

To disinfect vials for the collection of blood samples are born special pneumatic sprayers with very low flow rate (controlled by a particular metering pump on the machine). The unique shape of the sprayers can spray with quantitative precision of about 0.0500 ml of liquid disinfectant over the entire inner surface of vials of 12mm diameter and evenly without leaving any residue.

For applications comparable pneumatic sprayers are used to disinfect containers with solutions of oxonia

The features requested by customers are extremely fine mist, low-flow and no residue of the vessels that are often dried with TaifuJet series nozzles.

The pneumatic guns are used for silicone tins like lip gloss type.

Painting :
Clamps are used to house nozzles that spray liquid phosphate and degreaser.

Nozzles that usually are flat jet but can also be in same case full cone close (often in plastic material)

Cosmetics packaging

Use nozzles to wash and spray in the reactor components of shaving cream.