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Operating principle
The liquid to be filtrated passes through a filter cartridge, deposits the suspended solid particles on the inner surface of the cartridge, and comes out with the desired filtration degree. The progressive deposit of suspended solids on the inner wall of the cartridge creates a difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter. The differential pressure gauge detects the pressure drop, which, once the limit set has reached, it will send the relevant signal to the control panel. At this point, the automatic filter cartridge-cleaning cycle starts. The special design of the filter cartridges facilitates the passage of the particles smaller than the chosen filtration degree only and the removal of those withheld inside it. The gear reduction unit, driven by the control unit, sets in motion the rotation of the scrapers blades or SS brushes carrier shaft, to remove the impurities that have stuck on filtering element. The blades are available in PTFE + Stainless Steel and the brushes are available in Stainless Steel, or a special patented system, suitable for the elimination of fibres that are difficult to remove from the surface of the cartridge. All the dirt is then evacuated through a free-passage pneumatic or electric stainless steel drain valve fitted on the bottom of the filter. The control panel that controls all the filter cleaning operations can also be adapted to special voltage values. We set filter by default for the fully automatic cycle based on the settings made by the user ( working times, pause times, pressure level on the differential pressure gauge ). In the case of the customer wishing to interface the filter controls with the main plant control panel, this can be achieved via remote access to meet the customers specification. Special couplings on the filter body enable the cartridge to be backwashed manually at the end of the job.