Many different hydraulic spray nozzles are made for fire protection.

For example, full cone nozzles (normal and wide) are used for security applications in flood or rain, which are the most common fire protection systems.

In such systems, the goal is to “drown” the fire affected area with large quantities of water distributed in an optimal way.
They have a great capacity to absorb heat, and also produced the rain cools the fuel to below the ignition temperature.
Other advantage is that it avoids the excessive waste of water.

The full cone nozzles are also used to apply chemical sprays extinguishing in kitchens, train oil extraction or spray foam to extinguish fires of flammable liquids in all situations where it is not always possible to use only water.
Atomizing nozzles are also often used.
The very small droplets produced from atomizers have the capacity to cool the interested area affected by fire.
Furthermore, the droplets that are transformed by heat into steam, remove the oxygen present in the environmental subtracting to fire the combustive needed to maintain itself.
To create curtains of water needed to stop the progress of the fire are used flat spray nozzles.
The correct positioning of the flat jet nozzles can be real tendency of water surrounding the area to the spread of the flames.

Are possible constructions of a full cone nozzles of different sizes and shapes to fire upon completion of special facilities required by the customer.

The spiral nozzles are in any way being used for fire protection: they spray a large quantity of water to the affected area.
High capacity means efficiency in the fight against the fire.
Furthermore, their particular shape devoid of any inner part away any risk of obstruction of the passage of water even if water is used is not perfectly clean.
Where the water for feeding the nozzles of fire protection systems is not particularly clean it increasingly use our filters.

Filters are usually fed by a pump that draws water from large water catchment areas not always clean keeping cleaned plant and nozzles.