Tank Washing Heads

Fixed or rotating tank washing  heads are designed specifically for tank washing.

The need to guarantee the constant quality of the products requires that every phase of production, storage and transport is carried out with perfectly clean production systems and tanks. In the same way, the high waste disposal costs require washing processes in which the least amount of water can be used while maintaining an excellent level of cleanliness. These two factors have inspired the creation of a wide range of products able to satisfy every need.

Applications of tank washing heads

The use of washing heads in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries requires that they are constructed of materials with a high degree of resistance to corrosion and that allow accurate hygiene. Usually, the washing heads are built in austenitic stainless steel (AISI 316L) or plastic (Teflon).

Fixed tank washing heads:

  • LSMOD7
  • FLS
  • 7B

Rotating tank washing heads:

  • LSE
  • LSD-thread
  • LSD-clip/weld
  • LSMOD1
  • M6LSD
  • LSN
  • LSB
  • MLF
  • ALSA
  • FLSW

Available in different connections, threaded, clip or welded, and with different angles of coverage.

Possible sectors of application: food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, etc.