Rotating head of a low flow axis A_LSE

Rotating head of a low flow axis A_LSE




The A_LSE48 rotating heads are built in AISI 316 stainless steel, and are mounted on double ball bearing, to have a correct rotation in any mounting position. Their reduced diameter allows the use, in the case where there are passages from reduced diameter.

All the internal and external surfaces are machined with high precision, ensuring a perfectly smooth finish and free of areas where they can accumulate water residue.

Furthermore, their particular shape allows an optimal flushing of water for a perfect washing of the tanks.
The heads are available with different connections: female thread BSP (GAS), Quick thread clips or solder on request.



The washing flow produced by the rotating head generates the motion of rotation thanks to the reaction force of the jets. The speed of rotation depends on the pressure of the washing fluid, which must be limited: a rotation too fast in fact causes breakage of the jet into drops and loss of impact strength.

The slight oscillation of the head during the rotation is specifically designed to improve the performance.



 Note: Washing at “360°” conventionally.

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