Fixed Washing Head FLS

Fixed Washing Head FLS


The FLS model is built from solid bar with greater thickness to guarantee high pressure operation.


• Tank washing
• Pasteurizadores


• Aisi316L, Aisi303
• Other on request









The need to guarantee the constant quality of the products requires that every stage of production, storage and transport be carried out with perfectly clean production systems and tanks. In the same way, the high disposal costs of the drains require washing processes in which the least amount of water can be used, while maintaining an excellent level of cleanliness. These two factors have inspired the creation of a wide range of products able to satisfy every need.

The FLS static washing head is particularly used in the food sector (for example in the beverage, wine, milk and canning), pharmaceutical and chemical sectors as it guarantees a perfect cleaning and a quickly and efficiently sanitation.

Specifically, it is used for washing tanks and pasteurizers.

This washing head is very compact and consists of a solid bar with walls of greater thickness to ensure operation at high pressures. Euspray ensures high quality materials and surface finishes.

Our FLS model is built with high quality AISI 316 stainless steel or 303 stainless steel and, upon request, versions made with other materials (e.g. plastic or Teflon) are available.