Spray nozzle

The Spray nozzle is a component designed to transform the total energy of a liquid vein into kinetic energy, generating a jet with a defined shape, which can be used in various industrial processes.

Nozzles tipologies

A spray nozzle can be different based on:

  • Type/shape of the jet

    Full cone, hollow cone, flat jet, atomizer

  • Construction material

    Brass, stainless steel, others

  • Threading

    Connection threading

  • Scope

    Flow of liquid at a defined pressure

Video of a full cone nozzle in action

Applications of nozzles

Possible standard applications are: washing, humidification, cooling, liquid product applications on surfaces.

The nozzles can be found in practically any type of industry such as: food, paper, artificial snow, textile industry, iron and steel, fire prevention, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, wood processing, plastic processing, etc.

Usually the nozzles are subdivided into 3 macro categories that identify the type of spray they generate:

  • flat jet nozzle;
  • full cone nozzle;
  • hollow cone nozzle.

Technical information on EUSPRAY nozzles

The main factors that influence the diameter of the drops are the flow rate, the pressure and the type of spray. Generally an increase in the flow rate, at the same pressure, leads to an increase in the diameter of the drops. Increasing the pressure reduces the diameter of the drops, as well as increasing the spray angle.
The finest drops are obtained with pneumatic atomizers.

Euspray produces and sells spray nozzles for several years, the range of products in the catalog is very wide and as always we are attentive to new market demands trying to develop and customize the product always in collaboration with the needs of the market.

Historically, one of the sectors where Euspray has developed its nozzles most often concerns washes, at low or high pressure, the main products are those of flat jet, MC3 – MC2 – CD3 – CD4 – TC series.

Models in the Eurospray range:
Hollow cone: A1-A3
Full cone: B1-BB1-B2-BB2-B3-BB3-B4-BB5-BB6-B7-BB7-BG-BGFB9-BE-BO
Flat jet: C1-MC2-MC3-HP-CD3-DH-CD4-CD6-C5-TC.

Examples of empty cone nozzle

Examples of a full cone nozzle

Examples of a flat jet nozzle