After years of experience in the production and sale of atomizers, we have noticed the need for different customers to maintain constant humidity in various industrial sectors, such as the textile, food and paper industries.
From this need was born the realization of a complete and “autonomous” system that, thanks to the use of our automatic guns, PA series, a control panel and a humidity sensor, is able to maintain a constant humidity (even very high) in closed and semi closed environments.

The system is autonomous, because once the required humidity value has been connected and set, it will automatically work by spraying the environment with fine drops until the required result, after which it will stop alone and start working once it has fallen below the value of necessary humidity.

The atomizing gun is mounted on an electric motor that rotates it by 180º, not to spray in a single position, but to be able to better distribute the amount of pulverized water inside the environment.

The working pressures are very low, even at below 1 bar, and consequently the wear of the components is practically non-existent, requiring no particular maintenance.

RH Control 180º

Ideal for positioning on the wall and equipped with an automatic spray gun that rotates 180º.














Diagram with components of RH Control 180º system

1. Left driver connection
2. Bracket
3. Electromagnetc valve, 24V
4. Control unit
5. Air gauge, 8 BAR
6. Stop and Go gauge, 3 BAR
7. Water gauge, 1 BAR
8. Atomizing gun
9. Driver – stepper motor











RH Control 360º

Ideal for ceiling installation, equipped with 2 guns that rotate at 180º, so covering with 2 the 360º.

RH Control Dry Mist

This system is equipped with a pressurized tank and wheels to be mobile and to be moved to different parts of the plant according to production requirements.