Pneumatic Atomizer PA1 - PAA1

Pneumatic Atomizer PA1 - PAA1

The PA automatic spray guns are assembled with all the spray set-ups listed on the catalogue and allow to control on-off liquid operation, trough an internal air cylinder, over 100 cycles per minute.
They feature two inlets for air liquid to spray and two connections for on-off ai cylinder operations (choose the more conveniente for the assembly).

Characteristics and applications

Pneumatic Atomizer PA1. Is the standard mdel and makes on-off spray operations.

Pneumatic Atomizer PAA1. Its operation is like PA1 gun but equipped for the automatic cleaning of the orifice. It is suitable where contaminante in the liquid may cause blockages.

Our PAA1 pneumatic atomizer is also used in the spraying system designed by Euspray for the application of labels on PET bottles, discover more by clicking here.