Sistemi di umidificazione per cantine vinicole

Air humidification systems models RHCONTROL180 and RHCONTROL360

They are electronically controlled air humidification systems, mounted on walls and ceilings with “Dry Fog” technology, able to rapidly increase the air humidity level of large production environments, and it is ideal for dust suppression and to reduce static electricity.

Fixed or mobile humidification system with dry fog technology is able to maintain a constant degree of humidity, large rooms such as cellars and storage areas. Moisture is an essential factor to reduce the problem of evaporation of wine stored in barriques.  The wood of the barrels is a hygroscopic material that tends to release the internal humidity towards the external environment. In case of an inappropriate level of humidity in the cellar, the barrel generates an evaporation of the wine contained in it with serious losses from the economic point of view. These economic losses are caused by the decline in the product in the barrels, the reduction in quality and the costs for topping up. A standard Barrique contains 225 liters of wine, annually there is a loss of about 15% of the product for a total of 33 liters. Furthermore, with the humidity levels too low, the wooden barrels are at risk of drying out and opening the joints of the plating compromising the quality and efficiency over time.


Differently from other solutions for room humidification, the RHCONTR system allows:

  • Set the desired humidity level and keep it constant throughout the room through an electronic control unit and a humidity sensor.
  • Reduce the costs of water and compressed air through the automatic activation of the nozzles only if necessary.
  • Reduce maintenance costs thanks to the self-cleaning system that removes limescale residues from the nozzle completely automatically.


The obtainable quantitative and productive advantages of a properly humidified cellar with the RHCONTROL system are:

  1. Increased overall winery productivity
  2. Reduction of the drying up of the barrels
  3.  Reduction of natural evaporation of wine
  4.  Reduction of topping up
  5.  Low management costs
  6.  Avoid wetting of the floors and objects placed under the spraying systems
  7.  Amortization of the system very quickly.

Application principle: The application of fixed RHCONTR in your cellar is simple and inexpensive.



CharacteristicsThese nozzles produce very fine atomized droplets using hydraulic pressure alone and obtaining a semi-full cone spray pattern. CX spray tip can be assembled with accessories.One piece 1/4 MX nozzle with threaded rear filter is optional.CX model is available also in brass with the a frontal inserted disk in AISI 303. ApplicationsHumidifyingDust controlDeodorizationsAir and gas…