Uses of EUSPRAY nozzles are several and possible in many sectors.

One of the areas in which EUSPRAY nozzles are particularly appreciated is street clean, floor washing and industrial cleaning in general.

Many European companies that produce vehicles for setting up and cleaning, take our flat jet nozzle thanks to their favorable value for money.

To increase time of working, while improving the fluidity of water out and make the best supply pressure nozzle was developed with a special coating that gives it a surface hardness near to 1000 Vickers, a value much higher to that provided by stainless steel.
In addition, the chemical composition of the replica sunglasses uk treatment increases the fluidity of water and provides an effect "nonstick" which drastically reduces the risk of nozzle clogging by any dirt in the water sprayed.

Very effective and appreciated are the CD4 deflected jet nozzles series.

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The completely free passage and the conformation of the output produces a high impact and excellent efficacy even at medium-low pressure (there are many uses at pressure of 3-5 bar).
These nozzles installed on the bars of washing on the front of the vehicles are able to effectively remove dirt from the road surfaces without the need for excessively high pressures: in many cases the use of too high pressure can cause damage to road surfaces when this are not under optimal conditions.
In cases where is requested a high-pressure washing, our nozzles HP – HHP Series are very appreciated, also suitable for heavy use at pressures up to 250 Bar.

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In case that the water used is not perfectly clean, to avoid any possibility of nozzle clogging and increase their durability, in the range of EUSPRAY filters, you will certainly find the product suitable for all kinds of filtration.

Filters can be either self-cleaning (avoiding operator intervention to clean it) or static for easy cleaning and restoration.

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