DRY MIST - Humidity Control environment


DRY MIST EUSPRAY® is entirely constructed in stainless steel to ensure high safety standards, maximum resistance to water corrosion and the maximum reliability in time.
The temperature reduction is obtained by producing tiny droplets of water (dry mist) that evaporate immediately on contact with the environment air.

The transformation from the liquid to the gaseous state absorbs energy from the surrounding environment and this lowers the temperature, as well as increasing the relative humidity.

This system is extremely ecological, noise-free and effective, even in replica tag heuer uk applications in which traditional airconditioners cannot be used (for example where it is important not to reduce the humidity too much, or in the open).
In order to function properly, all that is needed is a connection to the power mains and a connection to the compressed air supply by means of the Rilsan hoses.

The control unit manages a timer with the maximum flexibility for spraying at intervals. The settings are made by entering the parameters on the control unit supplied with the equipment, using a simple keypad.
It is also possible to equip the control system with a hygrometer so as to measure the effectiveness of the DRY MIST timing.
The spraying time can range from a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.
The pause between one spray and the next can range from 4 to 60 minutes.
The “system management” can be excluded by pressing a key.

If different settings are necessary from those foreseen by the standard control panel, they can be ordered on request.
At every pause in the spray, the nozzle orifice is automatically cleaned to prevent scale build-up that could interfere with the quality of the spray.
The pressures necessary for correct operation are extremely low, and this reduces the consumption of air to a few litres an hour.

The air is necessary to mix with the water so as to obtain droplets of about 20-30 microns. A pressure of 1.5-2 Bar is sufficient.
To further reduce the size of the droplets, and obtain a longer spray jet, it is sufficient to increase the air in the mixture to 3 bar, using the special pressure regulator.

At a mixture pressure of 1.5 Bar, however, the spray can reach a distance of 3-4 meters (depending on the nature of the premises in which it is operating) but the effects of the spray are perceived at much greater distances.

In addition, the extremely small size of the droplets prevents wetting the surrounding surfaces (floors, machinery, products), with important benefits in terms of the safety and quality of the environment.

The direction of the spray can be adjusted easily, using the swiveling nozzle support.
This makes it possible to obtain the desired humidity only where necessary.


  • Manual humidifier (only on-off function).
  • 30-litre tank for good independence.
  • Adjustment of the water capacity and mist is easy with the air regulators.
  • Simple adjustment of the spray angle with the swiveling nozzle holder rod.

  • Humidifier with ON – OFF control unit.

  • Function timing can be set with the switches:
    “ON time” from a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes
    “OFF time” from a minimum of 4 minutes to a maximum of 60 min.
    On request, it is possible to have different settings from those foreseen on the standard control unit.

  • The benefits with timer regulation are:
    Noticeable reduction in the consumption of compressed air and water.
    High autonomy with the 30 litre tank.
    Regulation of the water capacity with pressure regulators.
    Easy adjustment of spray angle with the cheap replica watches swiveling nozzle holder rod.

Timed DRY MIST with hygrometer

Humidifier with ON – OFF control unit and hygrometer.
When the machine is switched on, 3 operating mode options are shown on the display:

    The display shows the degree of humidity present in the environment and the keys can be used to set the desired percentage to obtain. Moisture control is made by a probe installed directly on the humidifier and the DRY MIST works in a fully independent way.

    The ON/OFF setting has a practically infinite range of adjustment with which, in addition to setting the time, you can also set the unit of measurement (in hours or minutes). The display constantly shows the humidity level in the environment.

    When the humidifier is switched on, it starts with continuous function and the display shows the level of the humidity reading in the environment.
Some details of equipment

Consumption and capacity
The values listed below refer to the capacity and consumption of air by the EUSPRAY® DRY MIST.

The new portable Euspray® DRY MIST offers a number of highly significant advantages over the fixed system. As no plumbing (water pipe) is necessary, it can easily be placed at the sites to be treated and can operate independently for several hours without topping up, thanks to its large accumulation tank.
Depending on the settings, it can function independently from a minimum of 5 hours to 24 hours or more.
It is also equipped with a special selfcleaning nozzle that requires no further upkeep: the spray quality is always uniform*.
The only maintenance the DRY MIST requires is periodical cleaning to eliminate any residual scale (using an ordinary household scale remover).
The frequency will depend on the quality of the water in your area, from every few months to once a year or less.
For special uses, Euspray® is at your disposal to examine the best possible solution.
We can also arrange for maintenance of the equipment, on request.

* The duration of the spray quality may be affected by the degree of water purity.


The benefits obtainable by using dry mist in the industrial sector are too numerous to count.

The most significant are:

  • Maintenance of the constant rate of relative humidity required by certain manufacturing processes such as printing on paper, textile production, the dairy and deli meat industries, laboratories, painting systems, winemaking, etc.

  • Elimination of electrostatic charges in industries for the production of electronic parts, painting systems, papermaking, textile manufacture, plastics and chemicals, etc.

  • Abatement of dust in food processing plants, in the building trades or production processes where the formation of fine powders may be harmful for the workers’ health and for the quality of the product.

  • Elimination of odours through the addition of specific deodorizing products depending on the type of process (such as waste dumps, water treatment plants, factories for the production of fertilizers, chemical industries, compost plants and storage zones, etc.) Industrial, civilian and outdoor cooling systems.
The temperature is reduced by 3-4 degrees, but it actually feels much greater. This is because Dry Mist triggers an evaporation process that is also able to reduce hot humidity in the surrounding area (sultry weather).

For outdoor applications the water produced can be treated with the addition of moderate quantities of pyrethrum or other environmentally friendly insecticides.

Examples of use

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