Spray nozzle is a component designed to transform the total energy of a liquid vein into kinetic energy, generating a jet with a defined shape, which can be used in various industrial processes.

Nozzles tipologies

A sprayer can be different based on:

  • Type / shape of the jet (full cone, hallow cone, flat jet, atomizer)
  • Construction material (brass, stainless steel, others)
  • Connection thread
  • Flow of liquid in liters per minute at a defined pressure

Applications of nozzles

Possible sectors of application: washing, humidification, food industry, paper industry, artificial snow, textile industry, fire prevention, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, wood processing, plastic processing, etc.

Models in the Eurospray range:

Hollow cone: A1-A3

Full cone: B1-BB1-B2-BB2-B3-BB3-B4-BB5-BB6-B7-BB7-BG-BGFB9-BE-BO

Flat jet: C1-C2-C3-HP-CD3-DH-CD4-CD6-C5 and air nozzles