Air atomizing nozzles

The air atomizing nozzles serial “E” give a good and cheap solution, in applications where a fine spray atomization and wide variances of spray patterns are required.

Materials: nickel plated brass, stainless steel 303 and on request stainless steel 316 and Lucite.

Available types are:



It is the standard model of air atomizing nozzles.
Connections for air /liquid entry are ø 1/4 BSP.
They can be assembled with all types of nozzles spray set-ups as shown in the catalogue.

The features are the same of E1 nozzle ones with the possibility to regulate the liquid flow, owing to an adjustment needle (that can be locked in the desired position) at the end of the body.

The type E3 is ideal in applications where impurities in the liquid or it’s nature may cause blockages in the liquid nozzle. At the end of the nozzle is a button that allows cleaning of the orifice by a clean out needle.

The E3P model with spray extension (300 mm) and clean out needle is designed for application where the point of spray application is far from the body assembly.

The features are the same as those of E1 nozzle with a swivel which gives the possibility to regulate the spray direction (on request and only in nickel plated brass).

Dimension characteristics
The dimensions of the air atomizing nozzles are generally:


1 - Retainer ring

2 - Air cap (P series pressure feed - S series siphon or
gravity feed)
3 - Fluid cap B

4 - Fluid cap gasket C

5 - Nozzle body
6 - Rear gasket F

7 - Plug

8 - Shut-off needle
9 - Clean-out needle

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