Euspray has developped and produced a new spray gun.  

The new gun "Speedy Jet" thanks to the possibility to carry out a high number of cycles is able to meet many needs related to industrial productions to high numbers, and of course with particular needs.

The advantages of the gun "Speedy Jet" can be summarized as follows: 

• Operation at high speed, up to 12,000 cycles per minute, ideal on fast production lines and increasing the production.

• When using the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) with the Speedy Jet spray nozzle will have a very precise control of the flow rate, thanks to an on-off very quickly being  able to control the frequency.

• Flow rate can be changed almost instantaneously

• Different flow rates can be achieved with a single operating pressure

• Low flow rates can be achieved by using large free passage nozzles reducing the risk of clogging

• When using Speedy Jet minimizes overspray and saves on the consumption in the presence of expensive liquids

• Is possible to obtain a wide range of capacities, using only one type of nozzle reducing then the operating cost.

Another strong point of the system is the Speedy Jet controllers, its programming simplicity makes it ideal where is also required high flexibility for production.

For the programming of the control system on the PC, simply download on the Holiday Gifts Guide pc of the customer  a software (included), and then, connecting by a USB-RS232 adapter, is possible modify the timing of on-off in a few seconds and then resume production quickly reducing the management costs. After changing the parameters, the PC must be disconnected.

The software allows to save on the PC, different configurations of work set by the customer, and then when requested, simply enter in the system for the configuration you want and resume production quickly and easily. 

The control system only requires a 220V single phase

Each control system can control up to 8 units of Speedy Jet. The series Speedy Jet atomizing can be equipped with all combinations of nozzles for pneumatic sprayers until nozzle for liquid B7 model.


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