New full cone nozzles series “E”

New full cone nozzles series “E”

To amply  our large range of spray nozzles, are today available new series of standard and wide full cone nozzles “E” series characterized from their “hexagonal” geometry, to facilitate mounting and best replica watches with compact dimensions, to be used also in small spaces where standard nozzles “B1-B2” are too encumbering.

Spray features cover all needs cause have connections 1/8” – 1/4” – 3/8” – 1/2" with degree from  45° till 120° and provide very low flows to be able to spray more than 30 liters per minute.

To have information of capacity and degree please refer to related tables of “B1 and “B2” nozzles in product section of our web site.

Coverage of new nozzles MB “E” are marked by a very good homogeneity of drops distribution.

For nozzles with capacity coefficients lower drops diameter is about 300 micron at 3 bar, while that of maximum capacity can reach more than 800 micron.

standard cone

wide cone spray sign


Compact dimensions off full cone nozzles series B1E and B2E are indicated in below drawing.

Shares indicate are only an indication cause based on capacity coefficients can be a little different swiss replica watches.

1/8" nozzle ¼" nozzle

3/8” nozzle ½” nozzle

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