It is recently available in our range of pneumatic atomizers, new pneumatic atomizer in stainless steel specially designed to spray quantities close to 0.5 liters per hour.

This family of atomizers was born from the need to disinfect containers of small diameter (close to 10 mm) and large depth (currently have been treated vials till 80 mm) using a very low amount of disinfectant liquid.

The special shape of the nozzle unique of this type, particularly facilitate disinfection RC Quadcopters vials, flasks, bottles of various sizes and various materials.

Currently it is often difficult the specify  spray that can reach the bottom of the container without having to use excessive quantities of fluid than is actually necessary for the proper disinfection of the container, as transformers toys well as very difficult is the correct adjustment of supply pressures without encountering any problems over-spray or drops too big and difficult to dry and damaging to the final product.

With our new miniature atomizers we have eliminated these two big issues, taking advantage of the many field experiences in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The special external shape allows its use  in very small openings and get in depth, while the unique internal structure makes it easy to correct the replica watches UK lowest dose of the liquid.

The supply pressure of the liquid may in fact be very low (even lower than 0.1 bar) air pressure may already be effective at about 0.5 bar to 1.5 bar depending on the type of spray to be obtained and quality of spraying is always correct.

The regulation of flow rate of the liquid is very easy because it is an external mixing atomizer is not affected by air supply pressure.

Once you find the correct pressure of the liquid to obtain the desired capacity, this will never be changed, any air pressure mixing is used audemars piguet replica .

The type of spray is full cone to obtain complete and uniform coverage.

The feeding of liquid can also be managed by the insertion of a capillary calibrated so as to further reduce the flow of liquid.

The construction of these new atomizers has no particular dimensional constraints as they can be produced in various lengths and various diameters according to specific customer requirements inexpensive drones.

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