Filter for oil

The continuous and rapid evolution of today's machine tools require cutting oils and emulsions increasingly specific, effective and clean.

That's why in recent years filtration of cutting oils system have become necessary components and no longer a simple accessories to match the machines.

A correct filtering allows to have a degree of finish better, a longer duration of the tools and a higher efficiency machine.

The presence of metal particles in suspension in the oils may cause the occlusion of  spray nozzles used for lubricating and cooling of the tools.

Their occlusion involves costly downtime for their replacement and / or cleaning.
That's why it is more and more frequently installed a microfiltration system on the machine.

But at the same time also these micro-filtration systems are often due to problems that can be caused by excessive presence of suspended solids that would reduce the effectiveness, performance and durability .

In the presence of more machine tools is possible and advisable to use a self-cleaning filter that  allows to refine and eliminate the solids in suspension in oil which can then be stored in tank which then is sent to the individual machine tools by means of pumps.

The use of self-cleaning filters Euspray ®, allows to increase exponentially effectiveness the work stations of microfiltration as the degree of filtration, which can be up to 50 micron: this degree of filtration can in many cases  remove all the solid present in the oil and meet all the requirements of scope, as it can be filtered flow rates from a few cubic meters to several hundred cubic meters per hour.

Users of filters Euspray ® in the field of filtration centralized emulsions and cutting oils have demonstrated a remarkable degree of satisfaction.

The particularly high degree of filtration of the filters Euspray ® (up to 50 microns) can be more than sufficient for the majority of machining, especially in the bar from turnings, millings, and in all processes in which you do not require degrees of surface roughness extremely pushed.
The control unit of the programmable filter according to the various characteristics of the plant and of the treated fluid, also allows a gifts for kids considerable saving of oil as there are operations against-washing and discharge of the dirt can be easily managed and controlled.

The operating cost of Euspray ® filters is extremely small because the handling of the cleaning system takes place only when necessary and the robust construction of the filter allows long periods of operation without maintenance.

It is also available customized according to the Filter for oil needs of each user.

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