Processing and metal production

Self cleaning filters

Self-cleaning filters are installed in ANWENDUNGEN where it is necessary to remove from liquid waste from the longer duration of mechanical cooling-lubricating fluid.

For ANWENDUNGEN with low-flow liquid are also used in static in line filter.

Self-cleaning filters are also intended for the filtration of liquids used for the cooling of the casting, for cleaning of the carriers. Their use ensures a better yield of the system in general and allows substantial savings in fresh water.

The filters were also applied to the water treatment process in order to protect the downstream equipment from foreign bodies coming from the cooling system.

Customers are thus assured that, after the filter there is properly cleaned fluid flow without significant disruptions to the plant.
They are also used to protect nozzles used for cooling-lubrication in the various production processes.

Usually are used steel filters for ANWENDUNGEN at not static filtration, not self cleaning cause any developments in aluminum may be subject to greater risk of oxidation and corrosion.

Depending on the quantity of water-liquid to be treated can be used all the filters in our range: there are static filters for ANWENDUNGEN in the treatment of a few tens of liters per hour up to more complex ANWENDUNGEN for several tens of cubic meters of liquid time with self-cleaning filters.

Self-cleaning filters in forging

Even in areas such as forging or in ANWENDUNGEN where booster pumps are used at high flow rates and pressures are used our self-cleaning filters.

Their positioning allows to eliminate any solid particles that can severely damage the pumps. A failure would mean enormous damage in terms of loss of production in addition to the cost of repairing the pump.

The very short time of cleaning the filter (during which the flux is reduced by only 20-30% for 3-4 seconds) avoids the risk of pump cavitation.

Hollow cone nozzles

These nozzles are positioned in towers to reduce the exhaust fumes coming from aluminum melting furnace. Customers appreciate the good value for money of our hallow cone nozzles.

Flat spray nozzles

They are used in washing the aluminum coils: the coils are brought out of the production cycle have pickling acid residues that are removed from flat spray nozzles, type C1. Furthermore nozzles are manufactured for this particular application to customer specifications to meet particular requirements of scale and keep the size of angles and geometries.

Flat jet nozzles on customer design are also used for cooling in steel electrodes.

They are also used for high pressure washing 120 bar, of metal plates after the finish, to remove any resistant remaining chips and dirt (oli-fat).

These nozzles have a ceramic insert that greatly extends the life of the nozzle even though their cost is comparable to "standard" nozzles of competition.

There are customers who use flat spray nozzles for cooling blade of non-ferrous metal castings.

For the characteristics of low bulk and high impact cleaning are used flat spray nozzles in machines of metal parts washing. Are also produced special nozzles with special geometries to satisfy the needs of customers.

Full cone spray nozzles

Full cone spray nozzles at high capacity are positioned on towers for dust control produced by the melting of steel and other ferrous materials.

Foam dispersion in sewage sludge: full cone nozzles are used to reduce the foam to a minimum which is formed during the processing of sludge.

Full cone spray nozzles are also used for continuous casting cooling operations.

One of our clients has used the nozzles to clean the coils of wire (diameter 10-15 mm) before the galvanic treatment in order to remove the impurities that are formed on iron when stored, and later, to remove residues of chemical bath before the transition in the treatment tanks.

Customer 's witch from a traditional system (homemade) that did not provide the proper cleaning, to an automatic system with a total coverage of concerned area.

Always full cone nozzles are used on plants to remove paint from metal parts on all the possible presence of residues and grease.

For the production of automotive sheet metal are used for washing / lubrication of molds: their characteristics are based on specific customer specifications.

These details are printed in both steel and aluminum.

These nozzles have the advantage of having a good distribution of the jet and an excellent value for money.

The full cone nozzles are used to lubricate the molds for aluminum engine blocks.

Hydraulic atomizers

They are used for cooling aluminum tunnel billet .

The use of these atomizers fully adjustable in terms of flow of liquid and spray made possible to increase production constrained by the long cooling times.

The optimum spray will also prevent defects in the billet due to improper cooling.

Similar ANWENDUNGEN were made for cooling extruded steel tubes.

Air atomizing spray guns are used to spray release agent in molding machines for metal parts.

ANWENDUNGEN for lubrication in the pressure die-casting on a carousel automatic. Provide proper lubrication of the molds.

Other nozzles         

In plants treatment plates (phosphate tunnel for example) are used our plastic clumps with fixed or adjustable nozzles.

The high resistance to chemicals, mechanical robustness, ease of installation and adjustment are the strength of our systems with plastic clips.

For operations of cooling of parts in out of hot work Taifujet nozzles are often used to blow cooling air.

Although temperatures in these locations often reach 100 degrees (there are ANWENDUNGEN to 150 °) the construction features and materials (PPS) of Taifujet nozzles are highly valued by our customers.

Be noted that these operations can be used for cooling systems Paxton.

These are also used to remove water-based solutions used for cutting pipes.

Special blades air-rings (toroids are produced by blowers) allows the proper removal and drying of the pipes that pass axially with these blowers.

Air knives are used in rolling mills for removal of the oil film deposited on the sheet that affects the smooth working of the sensors that detect positions and / or thicknesses.

For these ANWENDUNGEN are used both air knives Paxton and air knives supplied with compressed air.