Oil petroleum gas energy production

Our self-cleaning filters are used to filter oil in a part of the plant which produces oil from soybeans.

The filter must comply with ATEX rules (Zone 2 internal filter, accessories in zone 1) as the environment is explosive development of gas processing.

The filter is equipped with special accessories conforming to the environment in which it must operate and the liquid to be filtered.

Special self-cleaning filters are designed for filtering sea water for refrigerating or other ANWENDUNGEN on platforms extraction.

There are also a number of nozzles and pneumatic atomizers where there is a need to reduce temperature or moisture enter into conduits through which there are gas.

In desert areas where the presence of sand will irreversibly damage high-voltage electric lines Euspray nozzles are used for high pressure washing of the insulators.

They are installed at fixed locations and, appropriately sized and positioned, spraying demineralized water.

The washing of insulators guarantee the proper passage of power while avoiding the drawbacks due to the presence of sand.

At a hydroelectric power plant where the water used by the turbines in the lake was drained, there was the strong presence of foam and algae growth due to temperature.

It was built a system for foam control with full-cone nozzles and fed by fresh water pre-filtered with a series of cleaning filters MF solving the problem.

Combined systems of full cone nozzles and self-cleaning filters are increasingly used for cooling in hydroelectric turbines which not remain in rotation even if not invested from the water for their operation.

Hydraulic atomizing nozzles were requested by a client for washing-cooling of solar panels.

Maintaining the proper state of cleanliness of the panel ensures its optimum operation.

The spray wash as well as performing a cooling action: this especially during the hottest hours greatly increases the yield of solar panels (from 8 to 10%).