Industrial cooling

Hydraulic Atomizers

They are used to spray water in greenhouses for the cultivation and preservation of vegetables - flowers - first fruits. These nozzles depending on the supply pressure (typically about 20 bar up to 70bar) have a good nebulization even at low pressure spray. A fine spray is obtained at 70 Bar.

These nozzles are also used for the conditioning of some well-defined points of the containment structures of textile machinery, where the general plant cannot come in correctly way.

In these areas, human presence is discontinuous.

Even textile plant manufacturers use our hydraulic atomizing nozzles on the central heat exchange in air (central air conditioning textile).

For special ANWENDUNGEN, the use of these sprayers, high pressure fed and placed inside a pipeline forced ventilation, maintain the correct environmental conditions.

Such as to keep within the rehearsal rooms, sound booths, and special environments, the right moisture.

These systems are produced because in case of non-functioning of traditional air conditioning (as may happen because of lime deposits in pipes or other possible mechanical failure or electrical) conditions of temperature and humidity should be kept within the proper range .

In rooms where there are works of great value (musical instruments, artwork, etc..) this system has proved particularly effective.

In some companies, air conditioning systems have been produced using the combined work of fans and hydraulic sprayers for maintaining the environmental conditions much more pleasant for the workers especially during the hottest hours of summer with to much lower costs than traditional air conditioning systems.

Even for outdoor (patio, bar, beach resorts, restaurants, amusement parks, swimming pools, etc.) for a few years our PRODUKTE are used to make the climate more pleasant when the temperatures are particularly high.

Hollow cone nozzles

Nozzle is used for heat exchangers where the air is saturated : water is sprayed in the valley of a large fan that pushes air against the clouds of water, enriched with moisture.

Subsequently, the moist air is channeled through pipelines.

The use is applicable to all the spinning room humidification using large flow rates.

Full cone nozzles

With these nozzles are made temperature control operation in cold temperature heat exchange for air-conditioning room (hotel).

Compared to other similarly shaped nozzles of competition, those of our production according to clients, have better atomization resulting in greater capacity to reduce temperature..

Automatic spray guns

Automatic spray guns are used in order to:

- Create steam during cooking in ovens.
- Industrial Humidification localized with only one gun or larger using a variety of guns (for example in the rooms of seasoning timber particularly valuable, cellars, chambers of seasoned meats and / or cheese, etc..).

Dry Mist

This new product allows for the proper humidification with a consequent reduction in temperature (3-4 degrees effective).

This allows you to get different results that can be:

- Deletions processing problems (textiles, paper, stampings etc..) due to static or low humidity of the product that may cause breakage or loss of production.

- Dust control

- Creation of more favorable climatic conditions for the workers

- Odor abatement if the water contained in tank is fortified with specific PRODUKTE.

The fact that the Dry Mist has wheels, has the chance to have a wide range of adjustment of the spray, can be equipped with control unit, allows a great flexibility of use in both industrial and private sectors.